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1. Type: TATY011
2. Feature: Forged
3. Name: Auto Wheel
4. Material: Alloy
5. Size:18" X 8.0"    
6. ET:53   
7. PCD:5x120


 Over the past decade, we have accumulated much expertise with forged Mg and Al alloy wheels, wheel blanks and with center sections of multi-piece wheels.

TipTop‘s distinguishing feature is our proprietary forging process, using a hot 3D closed die, which ensures the highest quality wheels with superior mechanical characteristics. A stronger wheel is the result of precisely arranged metal flow within the mold, under a powerful (up to 30,000-ton capacity) hydraulic press.
TipTop has invested significant effort and capital into developing improved technology for forging magnesium, producing impressive metallurgical properties and higher cost efficiency.
 Product Types
1. Forged Alloy Wheel Blanks
2. Forged Alloy Wheels
3. Cast Mag Alloy Wheels
4. Magnensium Alloy Semi-finished Products
5. Aerospace Components
Our factory has already obtained ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. Now we prepare to obtain the ISO/TS 16949 quality system certification.
With quality products and excellent service,We are sincerely expecting all friends around the world to create brilliance with us together.
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