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¡°Love enterprise, Love employee ¡±The fifth enterprise culture festival opening




By the afternoon of May 25TH, factory group in our square held love enterprise , love employees a ceremony of the fifth cycle of the enterprise culture , the company management team members and each factory employee representatives attend it, presided over by a trade union chairman Dejiashu
¡¡¡¡First of all, the company chairman Mr Wang for love enterprise staff addressed ceremony of the fifth cycle of enterprise culture, and announced the cycle of enterprise culture content, mainly include: exhibition staff tug-of-war staff employees of volleyball production quality safety knowledge contest nc labor competition, etc,MR Wang Hope that all staff of the festival as an opportunity to learn communication friendship, continue to carry forward to cooperate with professional today Tip-Top Inc spirit of innovation, actively attitude full of passion high morale, one hundred times the confidence to participate in the activities of the festival. 

Annual Tip-Top Inc cultural festival is the company to promote spiritual civilization construction, establish enterprise harmonious stable and healthy development of a important carrier we will use the carrier for the majority of employees to get to know each other stage show talent exercise ability, and to promote the construction of spiritual civilization enterprise, creates the brand to promote party construction activities, promote the vigorous development of various undertakings
¡¡¡¡Subsequently, composed four teams for each factory after several rounds of fierce tug-of-war game one third prizes after the battle, and reward the tug of war embodies the our company staff hard work the spirit of unity and cooperation.

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