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Save energy double control commission came to visit our company

May-16-2013, the Panyu District by the letter committee deputy inspector of the controlling CongPeiJiang led energy commission co-chaired target responsibility system£¬Accompanied by the leadership of the Panyu District leaders and development related to our company, vice President of Mr Wang development assistant to Li Ya De, warm reception the group co., LTD. Symposium on the third floor meeting room.¡¡¡¡
¡¡¡¡Saving energy and reducing consumption to work a long way to go, not only is the enterprise survival and development of solid foundation, is also an effective way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, especially enterprises unavoidable the social responsibility of our company will continuously improve their technical level and management level, to ensure that achieve the purpose of the saving energy and reducing consumption, realize enterprise sustainable development.

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