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Riddle activity for welcoming mid-autumn festival


    At this harvest season there came another full moon day, and a rich perfume of osmanthus blossoms was wafted to us by the breeze. Here we Tip-Top people congratulated together on the reunion of mid-autumn day.
     Before the activity started, the activity site was full of people. Bunches of red lanterns and colorful balloon shows a warm and grand festival. The atmosphere was stronger under the riddles. For this riddle, there are altogether 300pcs of riddles, which including place name, city name, person name, scientific knowledge, polite words, environmental protection words, festival riddles, logogriph, idiom, daily living equipment, intelligence game and so on. Staffs stood beside the riddles and thought seriously. And cheers came out from the crowd at times when someone guessed the answer. Many staff still didn’t want to leave at the end of the activity.
     It was reported that, in order to let all staff have a pleasant festival, and remove the homesickness, the Company distributed a gift——moon cakes to staff on 20th,Sep. The gift was not expensive, but can send out a profound blessing on behalf of the company. This reflected operation principle as “People-oriented, and repay to staff”.

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