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Panyu Securities Regulatory Bureau Visited Tip-Top

 In March 29, a team lead by Mr. Tan bao qiang, the Director of Panyu  Securities Regulatory Bureau. The president of Tip-Top Mr. Wang welcomed the team.
       Firstly, Mr. Wang welcomed the visiting of Mr. Tan  and reported the development of Tip-Top and its present roll in the industry of aluminum wheel, as well as its competitive edge in the industry. Mr. Tan said at the meeting that Tip-Top is developing from infancy to maturity in technology, at the same time Tip-Top has achieved certain success in the field of energy-saving and environmental protection, which reflects the strategy of sustainable development and is very beneficial for the long-term development of enterprise.
       Secondly, Director of Panyu Securities Regulatory Bureau Mr. Tan raised some relative suggestions after listening to the report of Tip-Top concerning listing of the company. He believes that Tip-Top will achieve more success under the leadership of President Mr. Wang and through the efforts of all staff.

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