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Quality Control

   The inspection center of Tip-Top company regularly tests product quality, inspects and monitors every batch of raw materials, the main process parameters and the inherent quality of products. The inspection center owns advanced equipments, such as the most advanced Switzerland ARL spectrometry in international market (samples can be inspected in a few minutes to finish the inspection of chemical composition, and preparation work melting aluminum alloy can be adjusted), the testing machine (universal testing machine, salt corrosion testing machine, machine radial tires, wheel rotating machine, reciprocating machine wheel, bending fatigue testing machine, reversing fatigue testing machine), Germany thickness gauge equipment, metallographic analysis equipment, dynamic balancing machine, X-ray detector, photoelectric spectrophotometer, CMM, and the entire Electroplating Bath analytical equipment. In 2005, the inspection center passed provincial inspection certification.
   In order to ensure excellent quality, our company not only needs first-class inspection equipment and management equipment, but also needs first-class scientific management. We strictly operate quality-assurance system, such as ISO9000, TS16949, and carry out quality policy of "pursuing no-defect product and optimizing service to creat our brand" to enable the whole process always under control, such as design, development, sales and service.


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